Environment is essential for human life. Some parts of environment, such as water, air and sun light have become vital resources. They are called as vital resources because their present should be in sufficient quantity, clean, and unpolluted. Nowadays, we are tended to be difficult to find clean air and water. Presence of pollution is in everywhere. The advancement of technology in human life becomes one of the pollution contributors. In other hand, human also want to have easy life, wealth and prosperity. When people use technology in bad manner to grow their money, environment is in an alert status. In my opinion, one of the examples in bad manner technology is palm oil plantation. All of us know that palm oil has become an essential ingredient in many products. Soap, margarine, bread, frying products is some example products of palm oil. Our dependency on palm oil derivative product has made palm oil producers unthinking exploit to create oil as much as possible. Unfortunately, they convert conservative forest become palm plantation. Conservative forest is very essential for human life. It can be air and water filter. The other bad side in grand opening of new plantation is smog. Some producers choose to burn the forest as an easy way to remove grove. They choose this way because it is the simplest and cheapest method. My goal in this paper is to propose some method that can be used to reduce Palm Oil consumption. Why we have to do it. Because it will give several significant impacts when 250 million people of Indonesia do it together. First, it will reduce the volume of frying oil demand. Second, the palm oil company will think twice before open new plantation. Third, it will give good healthy benefit for everyone.

Indonesian Frying (Palm) Oil Growth

The frying food daily intake of Indonesian people is big enough. Based on Balitbangkes data (2013) on the report of risk food consumption assessment, almost 40,7% Indonesian people consumed fat, cholesterol and frying food (third rank after nice and seasoned food). Meanwhile, Balitkebas Ministry of Health Republic Indonesia released The Total Diet Study Report (2014). This report showed that Indonesian consumption of palm oil was about 37,4 gram/ day/ person. Even, this consumption was bigger than fruits (33,5 gram/ day/ person).

Along with outgrowth of frying food daily intake, growth of frying oil demand as edible oil in Indonesia from 2002 to 2013 was well rising every year. Based on, Ministry of Agriculture Indonesia data (2014), the average of frying oil demand was 6,36%. This growth was along with growth of palm oil plantation area. Every year, Palm oil plantation area was increasing until 6,9%.

Reduce Palm Oil Consumption

Reducing palm oil consumption by reduce frying food intake is one of the solution. Indonesian people food habits often use frying food such as fried chicken, fried tofu, chips, or kerupuk as complementary food and snack. To reduce the consumption, try to do this diet: “No frying food” whether in breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack. In rough estimation, it will reduce about 25% the oil consumption per person. So, From 37,4 gram/ day/ person consumption of frying oil, we will get 28,05 gram/ day/ person as new oil consumption per person. Imagine that there are 30% of Indonesian people do this diet, we will get 28% reduce of overall Indonesian people in frying oil consumption (with estimation of 255.461,70 thousand people in Indonesia).

Frying Without Palm Oil

Another solution is finding alternatives. Frying without oil seems like impossible but it happens. In Indonesia, some foods like “peanut” or “kerupuk” are possible fried without oil. They are usually fried with “clean sand” as frying medium. The appearance is not bad, it just have another good flavor. Another way is using alternative frying oil like olive, peanut, corn or coconut oil. The most potential is coconut oil. Indonesia has 3.7450.000 hectare of Coconut plantation . it will be good potency. But, we have to concern with coconut oil weakness. Coconut oil has bad appearance when it used for cooking. The smoke point is too low, this oil is easy to form oxidat. Nowadays, there are some simple method to convert coconut oil become refined coconut oil. Refined coconut oil is more feasible for frying process than native coconut oil. So, if Indonesia can make it as new industry. It may reduce the number of palm oil plantation.

At the conclusion, there should be no more deforestation again. All of our effort to stop company that do deforestation is back to our self again. We are too much consuming frying food. Now, we are challenged to reduce our frying food consumption. We are also challenged to use our other nature potency. Can we do it??



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