Well,… this is my first time to post an article in english. So, forgive me if any vocabulary that you can’t understand it well yaa…. He..he..

Let’s Begin

, i thought that many people in the world (include me) are difficult to say thanks to GOD. Many people (include me) prefer to complain to the GOD than to say thanks to him.

By example,

me    : “wuhh, Oh my God, today it’s really hot… why??”
GOD : Ok, I will send to you some rain ….
me    : “OMG, it’s rain?? why…. i would like to go to the Mall
GOD : Ok, I will send to you  a sunny day
me    : (back to the first statement in this conversation)


We have to say a lot of thanks to the GOD, because He never complain to us. He always give us chance to change to be better person… He always give us healthy, and money hehe….

So… less complain to the GOD … more say thanks to the GOD


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